The OMG Sanitized Service

Removal Bad Smell from Your Business

OdorXout Carolinas now offers the amazing power of Decon Five and the OMG Sanitized process that does what other systems cannot.  This EPA registered product is applied in a mist to treat every part of the house.  In many cases, the process takes bout 60-90 minutes and normal activities can resume as soon as the process is complete.

Okay, we are not a cleaning service, so optimum results are achieved when a good cleaning has been done, but BEFORE any paint is applied.  Paint traps odors and reduces the impact we have to treat odors that are everywhere in the building.  When cleaning is required, we can arrange for a crew to do that too.  

The OMG Santized system is meant to NEUTRALIZE and DETOXIFY the building with a biodegradable and no toxic residue process.  We can even treat the air ducts.  Our process is even safe for food preparation and medical treatment areas.  

Inddor Air Quality Issues:  Our misting system does a fantastic job of cleaning and clearnning the air.  This will be a benefit to anyone with breathing or respiratory issues that are triggered by indoor environmental problems.  Our treatment effectively removes pollen, dust, mold spores, and other pollutants VOCs. TIC and chemical residue from the air and treated areas.

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